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I would like to join the HiElbow Triathlon Club. That's great!... here are some points to consider.

It's great your taking an interest in joining the club. We provide sessions in each of the triathlon disciplines to help you achieve your aims... whether this is your 1st time triathlon/duathlon/aquathon/ironman, or as an already experienced competitor in the sport.

When you join our club, you will be able to join us at club training sessions which cover the disciplines required to take part in a triathlon race, these are swimming, cycling and running. We will help you with training plans but YOU are the one who will need to commit yourself to regular training sessions, sometimes with other members but also individually on your own. A variety of different sessions are run throughout the year which will enable you to compete at triathlon races/duathlon/aquathon races.

If you are interested in joining our Swimming Sessions you need to be able to swim before you join us at our club swim sessions at Antrim Forum or Carrickfergus Leisure Centre (preferably at least 200m/8 lengths of a standard 25m pool without stopping). We will help you to improve on your swim technique and train you through various sessions to increase both your speed and your endurance with our regular coached swims. We have 2-3 lanes to cater for BEGINNERS to ADVANCED swimmers.

Our pool swim sessions are at the Antrim Forum on Monday and Wednesday (7.00-8.0pm) and Thursday at Carrickfergus (6.30-7.30pm).

If you have any other enquiries or you would like to join us at a training session, please contact our club secretary by e-mail at:

She will ensure that you feel welcome. Everyone feels a little nervous when they first join a new club but you will soon get to know us all and have a lot of fun training and getting fitter and competing in triathlon races.

Remember - every journey begins with a single step…contact us today.

Club membership:

You can join the club through Triathlon Ireland on their website when purchasing 'TI' membership.  Select 'Hi Elbow TC'  as your club.

Triathlon Ireland

TI membership allows you to race in all TI sanctioned events (Triathlons, Duathlons, Aquathons, etc....) and covers you at these events for 3rd Party insurance.

- You are also covered for 3rd Party insurance while training with TI clubs.

- You are eligible for a National Ranking under the TI Premier League.
- You can race for Ireland as an Age-Grouper or an Elite.
- It also gets you on our mailing list, where you will receive monthly newsletters, results, fixtures etc.

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